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Friendly, qualified and experienced dog groomers

Top To Tail

The Full Groom Package

This package includes two shampoos with gentle conditioning shampoo, blast dry and fluff dry followed by a thorough brush and comb to remove dead hair and tangles*.

Your dog's hair is styled to suit you, and your dog's lifestyle (to be discussed with you before the grooming process begins), hair between pads trimmed, sanitary area clipped, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. To complete the transformation your dog will have a spritz of sweet smelling fragrance.

Tidy & Tub

Bath, Dry and Tidy Package

This package was designed with short coated breeds in mind (eg Labradors).

It includes two shampoos with gentle conditioning shampoo and a blast dry followed by a thorough brush to remove dead hair. Your dog's ears will be cleaned and pads and nails trimmed. Ending, of course, with a spritz of sweet smelling fragrance.

Splash & Dash

Bath Only Package

A refreshing bath with gentle conditioning shampoo followed by a thorough towel dry - perfect for dogs (and owners!) on the go!

Puppy Pamper

The Introduction Package (it's not just for puppies!)

The grooming salon can be a scary place for some dogs - this package has been designed specifically with puppies and nervous dogs in mind.

Your dog will spend up to an hour with us and will be introduced to all the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming salon.

Your dog will be bathed with gentle conditioning shampoo and blow dried. Their coat brushed and their face and feet and sanitary areas tidied as well as their nails clipped.

We try to make this a stress-free reward based experience.

Other Services

- Nail Trimming

* Dogs that are excessively knotty or matted will incur extra costs or may require more than one appointment.

We will always advise you of this before we start work on your dog.